safe in sport


We believe children have the right to take part in sport in a safe, supportive, and enjoyable environment.

We know you do, too.

It’s time to get off the sidelines and stop abuse in sport from happening before it starts.

The International Safeguards for Children in Sport initiative brings together organisations
from six continents.

Together we make sport safe for children by:

Encouraging organisations to take the pledge to protect children whenever and wherever they play sport

Providing resources and guidance to support organisations on their safeguarding journey

The eight international safeguards

Have a safeguarding policy

Know what to do if you are worried about a child

Provide advice and support to staff and children

Understand and address risk

Agree what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour

Safely recruit and train your staff

Share safeguarding with your partners

Monitor, evaluate and learn



It’s up to each of us to make sport a safe space for every child, everywhere. Make the International Safeguards for Children in Sport part of your game plan. Wherever you are on your safeguarding journey, we are here to help.

what is safeguarding?

When children are safe in sport, everybody wins! One incident of abuse in sport is one too many. It is every child’s right to be safe during sport, and it is every organisation’s responsibility to protect those children. Safeguarding is the way we keep children safe in sport.


We are 60+ organisations on 6 continents with 1 goal: All children, everywhere, safe in sport

Demonstrate your commitment to protecting the children you serve by joining the global movement dedicated to safe sport.

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