What is Safeguarding?


Safeguarding is the way we keep children safe in sport. The foundation of safeguarding is prevention and response.


The things we do to minimise risk to children. It means doing everything possible to prevent any kind of harm or abuse from happening


The things we need to do when we are concerned that a child is at risk or is suffering harm or abuse

What do we mean by harm and abuse?


Emotional abuse includes humiliation, scapegoating, threats, rejection


Physical abuse includes harmful contact such as punching or kicking, age-inappropriate or forced training, including while injured or in pain


Sexual abuse includes sexist comments and gestures, unwanted sexual attention, sexual assault


Neglect includes isolation, being ignored, denial of attention or support

How do we help organisations safeguard children in sport?

We have developed some basic steps designed to help any organisation on their safeguarding journey.

Step 1: Get ready for Your Safeguarding Journey.

We know getting started can feel daunting.

This short video helps you identify what you’ll need as you begin your safeguarding journey.

You can also learn more about safeguarding by enrolling in our 90 minute Safeguarding Essentials course here, available in English, French and Spanish.

Step 2: Understand where you are starting from

We have developed a self-audit to assess how your organisation is doing with regards to each of the eight Safeguards.

This will help you to understand where your organisation is already doing well and where you can strengthen your safeguarding. You can find the self-audit in a range of languages here.

Step 3: Build your support network

You don’t have to go it alone. Take time at the start of the implementation of your Safeguards to identify people and organisations who can help you. This short clip will give you some ideas.

“The most important element in sport is the people involved, whether they are taking part, volunteering, coaching or paid employees. The success of sport, in terms of helping people achieve their potential, relies on putting people – their safety, wellbeing and welfare – at the centre of what sport does. The International Safeguards play an important role in supporting sports organisations around the world to fulfil their duty of care and make sport safer for children everywhere.”

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, 11 time Paralympic Gold Medallist and author of the Duty of Care in Sport Review for the UK Government

Demonstrate your commitment to protecting the children you serve by joining the global movement dedicated to safe sport.

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